The Golf Swing Plane Trainer that delivers instant and dramatic results.

PlaneSWING® is the True Swing Plane Trainer, designed to give you an instant feel for the perfect golf swing and to ingrain a repetitive motion. Plus, PlaneSWING® will give you a better understanding of the golf swing and teach you how to apply a quick-fix when needed during a round!

"Instant feel, instant understanding, instant results, it's golf, Plane and Simple. If you want extra distance, more power, improved accuracy, greater consistency then you need PlaneSWING®."

Whether a PGA Tour player or a beginner, left or right handed, male or female, senior or junior, we believe that you'll experience rapid improvement with permanent results with the new PlaneSWING® Golf Swing Trainer.

You'll discover that regular use will develop motor-skill change (commonly referred to as 'muscle memory'), training and strengthening your golfing muscles in the correct motion.


1. Stop slicing now!

You don't have to slice unless you want to! With PlaneSWING you can learn how to control your ball flight. Hit a fade or a draw, hit it high and hit it low. With expert drills you can take control of your game like never before and PlaneSWING will ingrain that motion!

2. Stop coming "over the top" now!

It's NOT complicated and it's not difficult. Just follow our plane & simple guide to a biomechanically sound swing and you'll immediately see a dramatic improvement that with regular use of PlaneSWING will last a lifetime!

3. Stop that hook now!

It truly doesn't have to be that way. PlaneSWING aids shaft alignment and keeps you on-plane with a controlled width and a powerful release at impact!

4. Stop sh***ing now!

No one likes the S word. Just a few minutes in the PlaneSWING following a simple drill and you'll not only stop sh***ing, you start hitting pure shots with confidence!

5. We all agree that fat is ugly!

So don't do it. With PlaneSWING you'll hit crisp shots and save the green keeper a lot of time!

6. Skinny is not pretty!

So why do it? With PlaneSWING, whether a chip shot or a full shot, you'll hit the ball sweeter and not have your buddies diving for cover!

7. Quick and short gives no one any pleasure!

With PlaneSWING you'll develop a smooth tempo AND greater club head speed, improving accuracy and increasing distance!

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